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Jo-Ann T. Triner, EdD

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Drawing wisdom from a lifetime of leadership roles, Jo-Ann Triner writes with authority on the soul-deep issues. She brings to her work a doctor’s degree in educational administration, decades of labor-advocacy research and twenty-four years of service in the field. Employed in Ohio’s premier school districts, she served as an award-winning curriculum designer, instructional leader, personnel director, principal, and highly successful grants writer. Her leadership and writing ability were pivotal in earning a National Excellence Award, Best Practice Awards and countless other recognitions for innovation in education.

Now in a second career as writer and independent researcher, Jo-Ann writes as one who knows firsthand the sacrifices of public service and the true cost of working at the competitive edge. Mirroring the mindset of the working class, she talks the truth to power, disclosing what many think but few can say about the real price paid for the privilege of employment. Her writing represents a lifelong fascination with quality of life in the workplace, also the topic of her dissertation. It conveys a deep reverence for public employees whose passionate engagement on the job initially inspired the concept of soulful work.

Jo-Ann managed certified personnel for over 28 years, a role that provided a fertile field on which to research the application of Soulful Work concepts. As the primary educational leader of a complex learning community, she enjoyed a picture window into the lives of working people from all walks of life: teachers, administrators, board members, support personnel, parents in a wide variety of jobs and students themselves—the most under-rated employee group of all. Together, these audiences represented a cross-section of the country struggling with quality of life issues. They became the sample population from which many of her conclusions were drawn.

Jo-Ann is far from a celebrity, but she is a celebrated writer in the minds of employers for whom she has worked. Her giftedness with words is the golden thread that runs though all of her leadership roles. In every position, her ability to write has been recognized and utilized for organizational gain. Now unfettered by the politics of employment, she writes freely about the soul-deep needs of the painfully employed.

Over the years, Jo-Ann observed the breakthrough strategies of business as often soul depleting and self-defeating. Amidst the metropolis of business as usual and in a world of wealth, she saw among workers more human impoverishment than any soul on earth should suffer. Recognizing that workers in the 21st century are worn weak at a soul-deep level, she writes on their behalf.

Jo-Ann is currently the president of Soulful Work, LLC. She writes in the genre of wisdom literature, develops retreat content, and keeps her focus on the soulful side of life.