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The Institute has collaborated with dozens of universities and other organizations, including the John Templeton Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, the Ford Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania, and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. In 2007, the Institute co-sponsored a three-year project at the Center for Law and Religion at Emory University School of Law on the topic of Love and the Pursuit of Happiness. The project included regular meetings with 25 happiness researchers in the social sciences, leading philosophers, and spiritual thinkers. The Institute worked closely with the Flame of Love Project and sociologists Margaret Poloma and Matthew T. Lee on a nationwide scientific survey of spiritual experiences of divine love and their impact on those who report them. It collaborates with researchers focused on the benefits of spirituality and helping behavior in the lives of individuals with alcoholism, both at Case Western Reserve University, and at Bellevue Hospital of New York University. Most recently, the Institute is collaborating with the Gallup Organization to study unexpected episodes of lucidity in “deeply forgetful people” with conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

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