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How do I understand a loving spiritual presence in the universe?

“God does not play dice with the universe.”
Albert Einstein

“There is a power for good in the universe that is greater than you are, and you can use it.”
Ernest Holmes

Do you see in the starry heavens, the laws and constants of physics and math, and the universe in which we live the work of some underlying spiritual energy and creative presence? Most people across the sweep of human history have had an intuition that an Infinite Mind has made and given this universe to us as a place to learn to love one another. All spiritual traditions have some concept of a divine mind “in the beginning,” before the Big Bang, before time and space, that brought the universe into being and now sustains it in every moment. Many people pray, meditate, and sing songs to connect with this higher power. Whatever your spiritual or religious tradition is, how do you understand this supreme presence? How do you connect with it?

Fact:  The young child sees the universe as “enchanted” and frequently copes through spirituality. Lisa Miller, in her book The Spiritual Child, presents her research on teens who describe themselves as spiritual. She found that they gain benefits: 40% less likely to use and abuse substances; 60% less likely to be depressed as teens; and 80% less likely to have dangerous unprotected sex. They are more likely to have positive markers for thriving and resilience; and more likely to have high levels of academic success.

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