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How have I encouraged people of different religions and cultures to live peacefully by the Deep Golden Rule?

“Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

“The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.”

How can the major spiritualities and religions of the world come to abide in their various conceptualizations of love for all humanity rather than merely for those who adhere to a particular set of beliefs? However tragic are the hateful and violent deeds done in the name of someone’s small idea of God, the fact remains that these such evil actions have no relevance to the question of the existence of a high power or the validity of spirituality. A loving God must be pained to be so badly mischaracterized and then to have people hurt others based on this error. Clearly humanity must make “progress in religion.” This will come mainly through the enhanced teaching, understanding and practice of Unlimited Love that exists in all these traditions but has not been fully emphasized.

Religions have their unique identities and symbols, but when looked at deeply they also have a common image of Love for all humanity and nature. For every example of rage and violence between religions there are numerous examples of mutual appreciation, acceptance, and harmony in which we can take great hope. How can we encourage these traditions to adhere consistently to the teachings of a God of Love that do in fact exist in each one of them? How can we move beyond the narrow tribal elements in religion that are used to marginalize, condemn, and attack those who happen not to share a certain set of beliefs?

Fact:  All religions teach of an age of lasting peace. Hinduism speaks of the Golden Age, for example, which follows the Dark Age. Even when religious hatred dominates the papers, they tell us that there are still many points of light and love that are just coming into being.

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