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Rx: Give and Live Better

We Americans are generous when it comes to giving of our time. A recent government study found that 62.6 million Americans—that’s just over 25% of the adult population—volunteered a total of 7.7 billion hours of service in 2013.

For many people, just volunteering a few hours a week makes a positive difference in self-reported happiness and mood. The 2010 Do Good Live Well Survey, released by United Healthcare and, surveyed 4,500 American adults:

  • 89% report that “volunteering has improved my sense of well-bring”
  • 73% agree that “volunteering lowered my stress levels”
  • 92% agree that volunteering enriched their sense of purpose in life
  • 78% of volunteers report that it helps with recovery “from loss and disappointment”

If you think you feel better when you help others, it’s not just in your head. A 2013 study involved 106 Vancouver high school students in grade ten. The students were split into two groups. One group volunteered regularly for ten weeks, one hour per week helping children in after school programs. The other group was placed on a waiting list for volunteer opportunities. Researchers assessed the students’ mental health, mood and empathy, and also measured body mass index (BMI), inflammation and cholesterol levels before and after the study. When the 10-week study ended, the volunteering students had lower BMI levels, lower levels inflammation and cholesterol, biological markers which, when elevated, are the first signs of cardiovascular disease.

The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love has been at the very forefront of discovery in this area of study since its inception in 2001, and this Giving Tuesday we are declaring that Yes the time has come to prescribe volunteering in the treatment of depression, diabetes, addiction and alcoholism recovery ( and many others areas that are scientifically outlined in our more than 120 per-reviewed publications and books, many of which have been high impact.

Photo: Dr. Post and students

Above: Dr. Post with students at Stamford University gathered for his session on Rx: It’s Good 2 B Good


Yes, I will join those who make an impact by donating to the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love.


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