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December 12, 2016

Did You Know that ISIS Took Down Our Website? Rx: Encourage All Religions to Consistently Abide in a Love for All Humanity

Are you aware that ISIS took down our website? On the evening of November 10, 2014, our Institute website was among the first to be hacked and destroyed by Team DZ ISIS. Was this because our electronic newsletter goes out to readers across the globe affirming a shared humanity? I had driven home that night after participating in a program on Chagall’s stained glass window of the Good Samaritan. I found an e-mail message awaiting me from an Institute advisor reporting that the black and white ISIS flag was covering our website. In response, we began a global essay contest asking youth to describe how they have resisted those who encouraged them to hate people with beliefs different than their own. The contest announcement took off worldwide, requiring a team of international judges. Cash prizes from $500 to $1000 were awarded across age groups (12–14, 15–17, 18–21).

On August 12, 2016, we filled a big part of the United Nations Headquarters with 500 young people ages 13 to 22. They came to hear ten winners of our Institute’s international youth essay competition read and perform their reflections about pushing back against such hatred. Our winners came from every continent. August 12 was World Youth Day across the UN and the globe. You can meet all the winners at and listen to the live UN webcast that went viral, reaching 80 million viewers.

Photo: UN Youth Day    Photo: UN Youth Day

With your help we will continue our essay contest. Since the UN event several hundred young people, parents, and cultural leaders have reached out asking if we can do a second contest. To do this well on a larger scale, including an event, requires your gifts. We would expand the contest tremendously in order to uplift more young minds.

Yes, you can we count on you to support the next Youth Essay Contest. Yes, I will donate now.

Thanks so much.


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