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Stephen G. Post

How can we extend love to deeply forgetful people?

Happy Birthday Dear Stephen!

Dear Friends,

Book: Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People

As a special gift please order today a paperback copy of Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People (Johns Hopkins University Press). This is a lifetime statement about love for all people, including those who have some form of dementia. This book represents 30 years of research and work with the community of family caregivers and individuals affected by Alzheimer's and other diseases that affect cognition and memory.


"I am pleased to see that the noted author Dr. Stephen G. Post is addressing themes such as consciousness and interconnectedness in his new book, which will contribute to the flourishing of humanity."

-- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"In this serious and also uplifting book we can feel Post's passion for the 'dignity of deeply forgetful people,' learn to notice and appreciate their expressions of continuing self-identity, and include them in our moral vision of a shared humanity worthy of equal respect and care. He celebrates caregivers as our highest moral exemplars whose efforts need to be better supported. Drawing from years of case experience, Post offers answers to the big ethical questions that Alzheimer's presents in a writing style that easily engages families, caregivers, and clinicians. Of even greater significance, Post challenges us all to set aside 'hypercognitive biases' and learn from these 'differently abled' people as we come to see them anew."

-- Joseph B. Martin, MD, Dean Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

"Stephen Post writes tenderly, lovingly, and wisely about those among us with failing mental faculties. His message reflects the view that we are conscious in spite of what our brain may be doing, and that it is human consciousness that is fundamental to our dignity, even if our cognitive strengths have weakened... In addition, Post thoughtfully probes every imaginable practical ethical question that a caregiver might have based on his three decades of ethics consultation with families. This is a breakthrough book - innovative, humane, inclusive, and uniquely significant - and one book that every caregiver and professional should read."

-- Larry Dossey, MD, Author, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

"Dr. Stephen G. Post brings a hopeful and human perspective to those who think differently as they are living with cognitive changes, while acknowledging the emotional and psychological impact on the family caregiver. His message and ethical approach to interactions support the 'enduring self-hood' of the deeply forgetful, restoring dignity and honoring our shared humanity."

-- Jed A. Levine, President Emeritus, CaringKind, the Heart of Alzheimer's Caregiving

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Stephen G. Post
Stephen G. Post, PhD, President


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