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May 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

Some of you are aware of the creator of Unlimited Love studies and science, Sir John Templeton, who was for a number of years before his passing (2008) both a mentor and spiritual friend. Some months before his death he made a request to me through his loyal son Dr. John M. Templeton. Sir John knew his time was short, and that there was a book that he would not have time to write. So he invited me via “Dr. T” to write it for him using a title that he specified,—Is Ultimate Reality Unlimited Love? Now that is a really BIG question, one that the mystics have asked over the centuries. The book was to draw heavily from Sir John’s own writings on the topic as these were so central to him especially in the last decade of his life. Several years later the book was published internally through the Templeton Press with a “Foreword” by Drs. John M. and Josephine Templeton.

The excerpts posted here take a large work and reduce it greatly to a manageable length. I invite you to take a look over a cup of tea. You can read this in a few minutes. Learn a lot about the spiritual thinking of one of the greatest investors of his generation, and enjoy some of the cherished personal letters he wrote to me on the subject.

And lastly, below is a nice webinar I did recently for Kim Sarafini of Australia, the founder and CEO of MindPT.

MindPT Webinar—Power Of Love


Thanks and be well.

Stephen G. Post, PhD, President


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