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Introducing Karmic—the Social Goodness App!

By Sara Arnell

We all know about social networking. We connect with our friends and followers everyday on our phones and computers. It’s the tech way to be social. But what if your phone can be used in a different way? Not just to connect on-line or over 4G and Wi-Fi, but be used to inspire acts of kindness that can be done in real-time, in the real world?

Karmic is a social goodness app that gives users a daily good deed to accomplish or an inspirational quote to read and share, just by shaking their phone. Today, our smart-phones live in our hands, pockets and bags. Karmic is with it’s users, encouraging them to “shake things up” and put some positivity and kindness into the world. Karmic uses technology to prompt real-world activities and drive personal connection and communication. No liking or thumbs up. Karmic trades in words and deeds, person to person. It’s the ultimate hybrid between technology and humanity.

Here’s how it works. Download the free app and sign in. Shake your phone and a good deed will appear on your screen. Heart it to like. Tap the “I Intend To” button to save. Complete the good deed. Doing this will earn you points that will cause your app screen to come alive with color, light and movement. The app will take users through 7 dynamic color changes as they complete good deeds and read inspirational quotes. Shake the phone again for an quote that you can like, save and share through social media. Sharing positive and inspiring thoughts is a good deed too and your screen will continue to grow and glow. A mobile meditation section lets users de-stress and focus during their day, anywhere they are. Set the timer, listen and breathe.

So what if everyone just paused once a day and took time to complete a Karmic deed or read and share a Karmic quote? Looking at someone, in the face – a friend or stranger – and paying them a sincere compliment; telling them they look great or that you love something they’re wearing would take about 10 seconds of your time. What it would give back to both the doer and receiver is mood improvement, a positive, personal encounter and an overall feeling of hope and happiness.

We’ve all heard about random acts of kindness and how important it is to seize a moment and act in a helpful way when the situation presents itself. So why keep this a random, by chance activity? Kindness is an intentional action and Karmic endeavors to make kindness and compassion a daily skill that anyone can do anytime. Being intentionally kind every day, person to person, has the power to change the mentality of people, communities and societies.

Completing a Karmic deed releases endorphins, like exercise. It gives you a “high.” It makes you feel good. It makes you feel happy. You can eat chili peppers for the same result, but that won’t make the world a better place.