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Book: Soulful Work 2.0

This newsletter features a fabulous new book on the crisis young people are having with regard to meaningful work that is being discussed as The Great Resignation. This book, by the very distinguished Institute Board Member Dr. Jo-Ann Triner, takes on the problem of "soulful" work: SOULFUL WORK 2.0: Powered by Inner Person Potential

SOULFUL WORK 2.0 explores the love-labor connection and the paralysis of our inner-person potential. Guiding readers beyond The Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffle and The Quiet Quit, Triner calls for a radical rethink of the way we work, preparing readers for the world-class work that lies ahead. Her hope is that we might hand down to future generations a labor paradigm that honors our essence and relieves the intergenerational duress.

In the world of work, we can be like Rilke's swan, waddling across jagged rocks awkwardly until we reach the elemental waters for which we are intended. This is accomplished only in compliance with our true callings where our unique superpowers have a chance to emerge. How to achieve this in the midst of an employment meltdown is anything but easy. Ministering to the needs of the painfully employed and pointing a way forward, Triner brings attention to the soul-deep issues that have long been ignored. She focuses on our primal calling as creatures of soul and substance, and caretakers of the planet.

Offering solutions to a tired workforce, Triner calls the last of all ecologies: the greening of our own spirits in the ecosystem of the workplace. She broadens our ecological concerns to include the burned-out human species struggling for survival in the world of work. Declaring human energy as the most precious natural resource on earth, she take readers where few dare to tread - into the zone of soul - where passion for the work becomes a real possibility.

Video: Rethinking the Way We Work and Imagining the Future

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