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What We Get When We Give

Dear Friends:

Book: Why Good Things Happen to Good People

Here is a full feature article in Harvard Medicine on our theme going back to our founding in 2001 and Sir John's aspirations. Greg Frichionne MD of Harvard MGH does a fabulous job. Greg has always been our valued friend and advisor. He has been a great mentor to all, including Matt Lee.

Passion Harvest Interview

This is the most beautiful interview that ever unfolded for me on Passion Harvest, with hostess Luisa. She did such a fabulous job. It is the most meaningful of interviews over the years. If you have a little time, please enjoy. Here is some information on Passion Harvest, If you would like to shout out to Passion Harvest, which is taking off all over the world. The social media details are: Facebook, Instagram.

Book: God and Love on Route 80

Interview on YouTube

Thanks so much.


Stephen G. Post
Stephen G. Post, PhD, Founder and President (2001-current)
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