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Our Guiding Questions:
Religion & Unlimited Love

How can the major religions and spiritualities of the world come to abide in their various conceptualizations of Unlimited Love, and practice love for all humanity rather than merely for those who adhere to a particular set of beliefs?

However sociopathic some people’s conceptions of God have been, however deplorable the deeds done in the name of that God, and however much neo-atheists harp on this dismal history of arrogance and ignorance, such conceptions have absolutely no relevance to the question of the existence of God or the validity of spirituality. The sociopathic images of God are merely human projections made in ignorance and arrogance. It hurts to be badly mischaracterized and then to see people act destructively based on this in your name. It might be argued that somehow all religion gets caught up in sociopathic images, and that they are forever caught up in territorial ingroup-outgroup conflicts. But in fact this is far from true and certainly not inevitable. Clearly humanity must make “progress in religion,” and this will come mainly through the enhanced teaching, understanding and practice of Unlimited Love. This common direction never implied for Sir John Templeton that different religions would lose their distinct identities, but rather that they would discover more deeply their true identities, and actually compete to abide more deeply in Unlimited Love. For every example of rage, fragmentation and violence between the three Abrahamic faith traditions, there are numerous examples of mutual appreciation, acceptance, and harmony in which we can take great hope. The solution he espoused was to encourage these traditions to adhere more consistently and intensely to the teachings of a God of Unlimited Love that do in fact exist in each one of them.

Due to an emphasis on tribalistic elements in fundamentalist religion, over and above Unlimited Love, norms of religious devotion may be observed to elicit harmful tendencies. The enemy of progress is not tribalism per se, but rather the exploitation of tribalistic impulses dormant in respective religious traditions in order to marginalize, condemn, and attack other tribes, rather than to achieve Unlimited Love.

Our Guiding Questions

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