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Rev. Fr. Cornelius Dery, S.T.L, MA

Portrait photo

Cornelius Dery is a Roman Catholic priest from Ghana, West Africa. He holds Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and the Study of Religions from the University of Ghana and Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. After his studies at the Urban University, Rome, Italy where he acquired his Licentiate in Theology, majoring in Moral Theology, he studied for his Masters in Medical Humanities, compassionate Care and Bioethics at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. He also has two units of Clinical Pastoral Education and was involved with hospital chaplaincy and patient care from 2011–2015.

Cornelius has special interest in studying how theology and modern science can impact and transform his traditional Ghanaian culture. In this light he has done most of graduate work on the connection between science and culture. Among some papers he has presented include: Anthropological Roots Of Responsible Parenthood: In the Context Of Ghana; Anthropological Roots Of Compassionate Care: The Case Of Africa; Paternalism In An Era Of Patient Autonomy And Informed Consent: The Case Of Ghana; Infertility And Women’s Reproductive Health In Ghana; Effects Of Female Genital Mutilation (Cutting) On The Health Of Women And Girls In Ghana (Africa); Effects Of International Migration Of Health Care Workers On Health Care Delivery In Ghana; Africans With Albinism Face Stigmatization, Discrimination, Amputations And Murder; Discrimination And Abuse Based On Witchcraft Accusations And Stigmatization In Contemporary Ghana; The Plight Of The Mentally Ill In Ghana; Whether Abortion is Justified for Population Control and Poverty Eradication; Whether Is Justifiable To Withhold The Truth From A Patient—A Challenge To The Virtue Of Physician Honesty; Whether Genetic Engineering Will Help To Overcome Deficiencies Or Limitations Of The Human Body And Give All Equal Capacity, among others.

Cornelius also has interest in the cause of the poor as well as women and youth empowerment especially in Ghana.