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Our Guiding Questions:
Children & Love

How can parents and communities raise children who flourish in love for all humanity?

Bringing a child into the world is one thing. But how can we raise children who “do unto others as they have others do unto them,” and not just for the nearest and dearest, but for the neediest and for everyone? This is the great revolution that has not yet happened. We know that even toddlers show capacities for empathic action. But what buttons get pushed by parents, cultures, and adverse peer pressure? A third of pre-teens (12 year-olds) report that they want to devote their lives to helping humanity, using their gifts to contribute to the lives of others. These children tend to do better in school, avoid anti-social behaviors and addictions, and they are overall happier over the course of their lifetimes. They tend to be less subject to depression. In the meanwhile, so many children in developed nations suffer from what we now call affluenza, which really just means that lasting happiness does not come from yet another pair of designer jeans.

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